Patient Testimonials


Thanks to Dr. Hester for restoring my eyesight. The Toric lens reduced my astigmatism and I am now glasses free after 40 plus years!

Barbara K.
Camden, AR.

Thank you Dr. Hester for improving my sight! I can now read the newspaper again. I would also like to thank the OR and Anesthesiologist for their great work. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful surgeon and hospital right here in Magnolia.

Hoye B.
Magnolia, AR.


I didn't realize how bad my vision was until I had my cataracts removed. I can see to tie a hook on my fishing pole again!

Franklin S.
Magnolia, AR.

After having Cataract surgery with Dr. Hester, everything is much clearer. I am able to drive again without worry. Thank you Dr. Hester and staff for taking such great care of me.

John F.
Waldo, AR.

My vision was greatly improved with the removal of my cataracts. Thank you Dr. Hester for a job well done!

Helen S.
El Dorado, AR.