Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses incorporate both distance and near-powered lenses into one lens. The lower-powered zones bend light coming from distant objects to a single focal point on the retina. The higher-powered zones bend light from near objects to the same focal point on the retina. Thus, different zones of lens power work together to provide simultaneous near and distance vision.

Several types of multifocal IOL lenses are currently available for implantation in the eye. The ReZoom™ lens and the ReStor™ lens are two commonly used lenses that work by the multifocal lens principle. Each lens incorporates ring-shaped zones of differing optical power to provide a multifocal effect.

The main advantage offered by multifocal lenses is the opportunity to become less dependent on reading glasses for near activities. Activities that were once easily enjoyed without glasses, such as reading or sewing, now require that a pair of reading glasses always be available. For people frustrated by the need for reading glasses, multifocal lenses offer a good alternative.

Not everyone is a good candidate for multifocal lenses. A multifocal lens can offer a good alternative if there are no disqualifying conditions of the eye. After a careful examination your surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for this type of lens.